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We Help You Design A Home or Business That Uses the Latest Technology to Make Life and Work Easier, Safer, and a Lot More Fun!


Smart Home

Today’s smart home technology gives you unbelievable control over your home or office. Control your lights with schedules, your smart phone or even voice commands.  Open your garage, unlock the deadbolt and even disarm your alarm system from anywhere in the world. Receive notifications if you forget to close your garage door, or when your kids get home from school. Create wake up scenes that slowly turn on your lights, open the shades, and play music from your home audio system so you always wake on the right side of the bed and ready to attack your day.


Building a new home or updating your current residence? Call for a free consultation.

Home Theater

Imagine you with your family in a dedicated media room built right into your home. Kick back and watch your favorite sports, movies, and shows on up to a 160 inch screen with a new 4K projector.  We can help you design an entertainment space that fits your desires and your budget no matter how big or small.  Surround sound systems can provide you with an immersive sound experience that rivals even your local movie theater. Whatever your budget, we can help you design a fun space for your family to gather, make memories and enjoy being together. Call us today!

Commercial Audio/Video

During new construction our structured wiring to a data closet makes it easy to manage distributed video and audio. Whole building audio solutions allow you to create a corporate sound for your employees and clients. The integration of public address features increase your ability to communicate throughout the building. Our projector systems will keep your conference room on the cutting edge. Distributed video allows for sharing video content or digital signage across multiple screens throughout your building.  Whether new construction or A/V renovation/improvements we can make your systems more effective and streamlined to increase efficiency and profitability.

SOHO Networking

A reliable internet connection is the foundation of any office or smart home. Seamless reliable WiFi allows you to connect the ever growing number of internet devices throughout your home and even outdoors.  Our powerful networking equipment even allows for remote configuration and firmware updates to keep your system protected and running smoothly. Fiber optic cables and wireless point to point systems allow for connecting a video gate entry system or even separate buildings on the same property. 


Let us show you how we can exponentially improve your internet experience!

Automated Lighting

Automated lighting controls are powerful, efficient, and convenient. Consider how convenient it would be to turn off all of the lights in your home with one button as you are headed out for work or as you go to bed for the night. Scheduled lighting scenes can automatically light rooms based on the time of day. Integrated smart shades are stylish, convenient and can raise or lower with the time of the day. Occupancy sensors can be added to save electricity by only turning on lights when people are in the room. Easily turn on lights using voice commands or an app on your smart device.  


Ask us how automated lighting can be added to your existing system or built into your new project.

Central Vacuums
​& Lutron Shades

Tired of lugging your vacuum up and down the stairs or having the power cord pop out of the outlet as you’re in the middle of cleaning? Its hard to imaging the convenience of a central vacuum system if you have never had one built into your home! It will completely change your view of cleaning, from convenient outlets throughout your home to hidden hoses that you pull out of your wall when you need to use them. Optional vacpans even allow you to sweep dirt straight in to the baseboard or base of a cabinet. Let us build this convenience into your new home.





Welcome to the service you deserve! Locally owned and operated with over 5 years of experience in the Brazos Valley, Spark Works is dedicated to delivering the absolute highest quality products and service to our customers. We will custom tailor your smart home or commercial project to provide exceptional connectivity and value. Contact us today so we can ensure that you receive the perfect solution within your budget, along with exceptional customer service for any size home or office project. 


“Greg and Sparkworks have always done a fantastic job with us!  He is extremely knowledgeable about all the products and most importantly is focused on incredible customer service.  He always is there to assist and is phenomenal to work with.  We cannot recommend someone more strongly.  Absolutely fantastic!”

John & Szalan 2019



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